Become A Partner

Grow your business with Disifin

As a manufacturer and distributor that understands the benefits of working with our products, we want to explain how your business could grow by becoming a Disifin Authorised Partner. We’re sure you’ll be interested in the three key opportunities the programme presents for your business:

  • The chance to increase sales and access new markets with a rapidly growing brand
  • The opportunity to offer valuable new services to increase margins
  • Product discounts that grow as your expertise in Disifin products deepens

Why Disifin?

These are truly exciting times for Disifin and its Resellers, as the brand continues to grow from strength to strength.

Join in. Become a Disifin Partner

There are several routes to market when becoming a Disifin Partner. If you believe that your business can meet the demanding customer expectations and service requirements for one of these programs, then contact our representative to discover more!

The Disifin Authorised Partner program is the starting point. Members receive regular communications and access to basic sales tools from Disifin, promotions and smaller discounts.

The Disifin Authorised Partner program extends into a 3-tier program, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Members receive access to sales tools from Disifin and may be allowed to participate in channel programs, a vast amount of promotions and larger discounts.

The Disifin Authorised Charity program is the best way for us to support those that are supporting others. Charity Partners receive promotions and the largest discounts we offer.

What to do next

If you would to become an Authorised Partner and would like further information, please click here.