Farm & Veterinary


DISIFIN in its concentrated form, acts quickly and reliably, and more than meets modern requirements for effective surface disinfection. 
Minimizing the exposure risk of these microorganisms requires excellent environmental management, good housing sanitation and stringent control of potential disease carriers such as people, vehicles and equipment. 
Disifin maintains a highly effective, safe and sustainable surface disinfection to control the transmission of disease and minimize cross-contamination within the farm environment.

Veterinary Practice

DISIFIN attacks only what it is intended to, and that is microorganisms. All surfaces, such as wood, metal and plastic are completely protected by DISIFIN, which destroys even the most persistent microorganisms in next to no time, thus ensuring reliable protection against infectious animal diseases for humans too.

Horse Keeping

Wherever animals are accommodated in unheated stables, a disinfectant is required which offers optimum protection and complete efficacy at all temperature ranges.
DISIFIN masters its tasks in this field with particular brilliance and reliably destroys all microorganisms, regardless of whether at 10°C or 20°C. So, even in the cold season, it is possible to disinfect reliably and effectively with the same quantity.
Even stable floors with porous surfaces present no obstacle; DISIFIN penetrates deep into their structure and through its long-lasting property; it effectively destroys even persistent viruses with deep down action.

Cattle breeding / Dairy Production

DISIFIN does not cause corrosion of any kind to piping material and can be used at a temperature range from 4°C - 70°C, in so far as the material itself will allow this. DISIFIN decomposes completely biologically within a few weeks. A further 'plus' – DISIFIN is also permitted for use in udder hygiene. 

One of the outstanding properties of DISIFIN is the long-lasting stability in aqueous systems. The full efficacy is still guaranteed even days later. All pipes, feeding and drinking troughs can be efficiently flushed and quickly disinfected.

Poultry Farming

Consumer eggs are at particularly high risk of infection, as they are intended for direct consumption.
If a large number of animals live together in a confined space, particular care is required in view of serious epidemics, especially if these epidemics are also communicable to human beings. Therefore a disinfectant is required here, which quickly and reliably destroys microorganisms without promoting the formation of resistance at the same time. 
DISIFIN is effective in containing the germs within the poultry houses, thus preventing infestation of the meat. The excellent efficacy of Chloramine-t (Disifin’s active ingredient) against problematic bacteria and viruses in pig farming is confirmed by various laboratory tests and field trials. Disifin covers all possible areas you need to disinfect in your farm - animal houses, equipment, vehicles and foot-bath. Farmers successfully apply it by spraying, nebulisation (thermo or ULV) fogging. 

Pig Farming

In intensive farming, the high density of animals increases the risk of diseases and infections. Buildings, equipment and vehicles, when not properly cleaned and disinfected are responsible for transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.Wherever animals are kept, viruses and bacteria can not only lead to serious diseases, but also to considerable drops in yield through increasing germ pressure. The most effective prevention is offered by a disinfectant that is safe and easy to handle. Where the most diverse breeds of animal carry the most varied pathogenic germs, a really special disinfectant is required, which will not only reliably prevent microbial contamination, but is also gentle on working surfaces and materials.

Recommended Concentrations 




Surface & building disinfection (Spraying)

0.5% - 1%

0.3 L / m2

Surface & building disinfection (Fogging)

2% - 3%

40 - 50 ml / m3

Water system disinfection 


Rinse with clean fresh water 

Vehicle disinfection


15 minutes contact at 5000ppm

Footpath dip


Renew as often as needed